Velvet Blend Gift Pack

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The Gift Packs include 250g Velvet Blend ground coffee, a Stainless Steel Phin and Condensed Milk for an aunthentic Vietnamese Experience.

This traditional Vietnamese coffee blend was selected and mixed from the best beans and varieties grown in the Buôn Ma Thuột region. The beans are slow roasted in "butter oil and the coffee has a typically rich and chocolatey taste with good body and amazing aroma. The ground texture is pre-dominantly medium and suitable for a variety of brewing methods. It is best with a long exposure to hot water, such as with the traditional Vietnamese Phin. This blend is particularly flavour-some served over ice in the same way as the coffee aficionados do in Vietnam.


Ingredients: Arabica and Robusta beans, ≥10% Non GMO Soya beans, plant butters and natural flavours added during the Vietnamese-style roasting.