Stainless Steel Phin

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The Phin is a single serving size.

How do you brew your Vietnamese coffee with a traditional filter? Easy.


  1. Take the Phin (i.e. the filter)and place it over your cup or glass. The plate holds the vessel in place and the small holes in the bottom of this plate prevents the ground beans from falling through.
  2. Place about 16 to 20 grams of coffee in the bottom of the Phin and tap it lightly to level the coffee.
  3. Slip the plunger or sieve into the vessel but do not compress the ground.
  4. Pour just enough hot water (about 94°C) to cover the coffee and sieve.
  5. Allow this to rest for a while. The coffee will absorb the water, expand and act as a filter during the slow brew process.
  6. Once the water has been absorbed, add more water to the brim of the Phin.
  7. Place the lid on the Phin and relax.
  8. The filtration process takes about 2 to 3 minutes.


If you like, you can have your drink Cà Phê nóng (black and hot) or you can have Cà Phê ᵭá (black and over ice); both can be sweetened to taste. You could also try a Vietnamese favourite, Cà Phê sữá ᵭá (Drip filtered onto condensed milk and over ice).